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Expire my data

Like milk, when data is stored in our refrigerated data storage facilities it should have an expiration date. Imagine a milk that degraded in your fridge and disappeared after the expiration date. The perfect solution to taking out the trash … Continue reading

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New hosting, twitter feed and stay connected

As mentioned on the old blog we have moved to our new system (faster and no loading errors). A new feature of interest is the twitter feed on the right which is in sync with any tweets the group makes. … Continue reading

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When viruses will rule the world…virtual world

The day after three London hospitals[1] were hit by a virus/viruses (Mytob[7]) and they had to halt their entire computer systems for 24 hours, Microsoft announced [2] that it will be offering its antivirus suit (all-in-one security and PC management … Continue reading


Interesting Links

On this page we will provide some interesting links from time to time: Information Security Research Group Memberships in IT and Security BCS –  + BCS Security – IEEE –  + IEEE Computer Society-  + IEEE Computer Society’s … Continue reading

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Would you like some malware with that purchase?

Yet another great reporting from The Register – Chinese Trojan on Maxtor HDDs spooks Taiwan . Just when you thought that you could trust big companies (why do I hear laughing in the background?) sub-contracting once again demonstrates how … Continue reading

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Hack Uni. + Alter grades = 20years prison and £120k

Crime does not pay… you do! In the case of two California men, John Escalera, 29, and Gustavo Razo, 28, who hacked a California state University database and altered their University grades for their personal benefit. If convicted they will … Continue reading

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Reading the dead disk

I and Nick Pringle were in the forensics lab going through some old hard drives which were reported as faulty (unreadable, bad sectors, etc). We selected one that sounded quite used (if you give it a shake it sounds like … Continue reading

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Microsoft Vista Security Talk @ Glamorgan Uni.

On October 23, 2007 we had a guest speaker from Microsoft, Steve Lamb. It is always interesting to attend a Microsoft talk and see what experiences the talker wants to share with the audience. I have been to a few … Continue reading

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IP camera? ..oh yes, now we all can see you!

Not much to mention in this article other than a tricky search using Google’s search engine. Google search engine accepts special words in order to help you find faster, what you are looking for. If you are looking for PowerPoint … Continue reading


My computer came with Windows Vista pre-installed!!!

What should have told you before buying a computer with Vista pre-installed? Five key points that you mignt find interesting. 1) Check if the programs that you are using under Windows XP are going to work under Windows Vista. Microsoft’s … Continue reading