Decaf COFEE put me to sleep

Decaf[1] is the hackers reply to Microsoft’s COFEE tool set. Once again creating a tool to combat a set of tools as old as Sysinternals is nothing new or surprising. If it did not happen we would have been surprised.

Unfortunately (and thank god) systems are open and when they are closed (-source) people can still reverse-engineer and break them. This is the nature of the system, be that a PC, Apple, hardware, software or a mobile phone.

In other news an Xbox 360 thief was caught when the original user’s account automatically signed in [2]. Proving that with some effort it is possible to track and catch thieves that keep and connect Internet-capable systems. Hear that UK!

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3 Responses to Decaf COFEE put me to sleep

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  2. Xbox Natal says:

    I own the X-Box 360 and prefer the PS3. Quite substantially prefer it actually..

  3. Amrita says:

    Hi! I am a bit confused, so i would like to know whether DECAF runs only on windows?

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