iPhone: myPhone on lock-down

…and you thought you were the only person to have the privilege of locking your iPhones screen. Think again. Once again a stunt and proof of concept demonstrates that high tech. mobile devices can be manipulated and possibly locked down by malicious people, leaving the users at their mercy. In some cases even try to get you to part with your money. This was demonstrated with the iPhone ‘Your iPhone’s been hacked’ stunt as reported [1] by Wired.

It appears that jailbroken iPhones have SSH and a default root password (if not changed), allowing full remote access to the phone. It is that easy. The users are lucky that the creator didn’t start locking the devices as we have seen with ransomware (malware that requests ransom to decrypt data or unlock a pc).

I would not be surprised if Apple didn’t try to use this problem to demonstrate to people that jailbreaking the iPhone will mean that you are taking avoidable risks and that you are not being protected to the fullest.

[1] Wired – Hacker holds Dutch iPhones for EUR5 ransom – http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2009-11/04/hacker-holds-dutch-iphones-for-EUR5-ransom.aspx

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  1. Rhodri Wilson says:
  2. Kosta Xynos says:

    Thank you Rhodri for the post/link!

  3. Kosta Xynos says:

    It seems that someone in Australia has created a iPhone worm that automatically goes round and in a similar fashion changes the background.


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