Phone tapping the VoIP way

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (or the Internet). It is a cheap (or free) way of contacting people around the world. The most commonly used online application is Skype. When I came across this article [] I had to write about it. It is amazing what people come up with and openly [] demonstrate how programs can be created to intercept a normal programs function. In this case we have the redirection of a voice call saved to an MP3, encrypted (nifty) and sent over to a server.

Now I wonder how many SME’s make use of VoIP and Skype…

By the bye, I am amazed that we still get charged so high for making International calls in the UK.

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3 Responses to Phone tapping the VoIP way

  1. Amrita says:

    Well, after reading your post i searched on internet for various features and advantages for downloading Skype… im really impressed! 🙂

  2. Well,

    I was thinking about this, but don’t know ‘where and how’. Thank you for sharing this great stuff

    In Telephone tapping The main reason for this approval was that advantage that it provides control over the far undergrowth and offices. Also through the use of this modern technology, corporate houses manage to get the better run over the things.

  3. Cell Phone Tapping Software says:

    I’m not sure the title for this article is particularly apt. When talking about VOIP, Skype etc, this is not the same as phone tapping. Granted, it is interception of communications by means of software, but surely real cell phone tapping or simply phone tapping is the interception specifically of a phone device.

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