e-Crime Wales Summit 2009

The e-Crime Wales 2009 Summithttp://www.ecrimewales.com/ held at Llandudno, Wales is over and a number of great speakers attended. Our own Prof. Andrew Blyth presented our findings on the installation of 15 IDS sensors in Welsh SME’s around Wales. Hopefully the attendees (business owners etc) would have come into contact with a number of security professionals and brought upto date on how to protect their businesses or at least where to go from here.

The few that I did see at least, from the live feed, all pointed out the need to be aware of the security implications of using online resources and complacency should not an option, even though most people choose it. There is always one question that that needs to be answered before deciding to got (or watch the live feed) one of these events, ‘What information will I walk away with?’ . I think that it is a great opportunity to be exposed to the horror stories that the speakers have to offer through their experience and you can always pickup and relate to them at some point or hope not to.

Check out the twitter feed here [http://twitter.com/ecrimewales] with some questions and answers and a general overview of the speakers key points.

A picture of Prof. Andrew Blyth, Ed Gibson & Chris Corcoran http://bit.ly/3drSUL

A great service provided by SpamHaus are the advisory lists they provide (i.e., Spamhaus Block List, Exploits Block List and Policy Block List ). Check them out at http://www.spamhaus.org/.

e-Crime Wales also have a blog at http://ecrimewales.posterous.com/

Update (@11:20): We got a mention in the Welsh Daily Post: “E-crime costs Welsh companies hundreds of millions of pounds annually” – Oct 22 2009 – Daily Post – http://www.dailypost.co.uk/business-news/business-news/2009/10/22/e-crime-costs-welsh-companies-hundreds-of-millions-of-pounds-annually-55578-24989506/

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  1. Amrita says:

    Hi, i went through the official blog of e-Crime Wales… its great. 🙂

  2. Pamelzx says:

    The Welsh speakers were pbblaory laughing too hard to stop it Honestly, though, how can you live in Wales without picking up enough to know that nid wyf means I’m not and realize that has no business being on the sign?

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