AccessData Corp Youtube Channel

It seems that towards the end of the summer AccessData Training Team has started to post videos of how to do certain things with FTK 3 on youtube ( ).

Of interest :

FTK 3 Computer Forensics: Mac Analysis :

Showing you the developments in support of the Mac OS X files and HFS+ format and extended attributes (very useful!!! check It also demonstrates where to find the Mac user’s password shadow file and password has and then use PRTK to attack the hash value. EXIF data for photos, etc are supported now too.

FTK 3 Computer Forensics: Field Mode :

Demonstrating on the fly analysis without doing the initial lengthly analysis, at least when not needed.

Links used:

AccessData youtube channel –

FTK 3 Computer Forensics: Field Mode –

FTK 3 Computer Forensics: Mac Analysis: Attributes B-tree @ 4m23s –

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