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Python 2.6 and 3.0 compatibility

If you will be writing any new programs in the Python programming language then check Lennart Regebro’s presentation[1] and slides[2] on their compatibility issues. It is interesting to see the amount of changes they have made to make the language … Continue reading

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Phone tapping the VoIP way

VoIP stands for Voice over IP (or the Internet). It is a cheap (or free) way of contacting people around the world. The most commonly used online application is Skype. When I came across this article [] I had to … Continue reading

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e-Crime Wales Summit 2009

The e-Crime Wales 2009 Summit held at Llandudno, Wales is over and a number of great speakers attended. Our own Prof. Andrew Blyth presented our findings on the installation of 15 IDS sensors in Welsh SME’s around Wales. Hopefully the … Continue reading


AccessData Corp Youtube Channel

It seems that towards the end of the summer AccessData Training Team has started to post videos of how to do certain things with FTK 3 on youtube ( ). Of interest : FTK 3 Computer Forensics: Mac Analysis … Continue reading

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