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Graphviz, Python and Tkinter

When creating a specific program that does one thing it is sometimes useful to provide a generic solution and build upon those foundations. This is what I present in todays posting, what I call graphing[1] . Graphviz [2] is a … Continue reading


Snort Rules checked by dumbpig

Writing custom Snort rules and what to check if they are correct? ..up to a certain point. Well dumbpig [1] by Leon Ward is what you are after. For a good example check out VRT Sourcefire’s blog entry [2]. …while … Continue reading

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Blue Screen your shinny Windows Vista/7 box

An exploit is making the rounds that affects Windows Vista and 7 which have SMB (i.e., SAMBA or file sharing) enabled. The researcher, after a small change in the SMB Header has managed to crash the SRV2.SYS DLL which fails … Continue reading


Gmail in the uk down?

I was trying to check (ie. refresh) my uk based google mailbox (gmail/googlemail in uk) and all I get is a 502 Server Error. It seems generally is not responding, although pings are going through. Google Error Server Error … Continue reading