Facebook PI, the spy who knew.

Facebook. A composite word that has nothing to do with a face or a book. Maybe if you post your face then we have at least a face. Still it is the top of the top in social networking, keep many in touch and up-to-date with their weird and wacky friends (yes I did say you are weird, get over it!).

If you have been using it lately (those who do) you may have noticed some weird behaviour in one of its facilities. This facility is the ‘Friend Suggestion’ option that can be obviously deduced that it would suggests people/ friends you may or may not know. Which you would in turn add, remove or just ignore.

The thing that is starting to spook people is the suggestion [1] of people/ friends that you may know in real life, have no affiliation on Facebook (as in no common friends etc.) and yet it knows that you might be interested in them or know them from somewhere/ somehow. I read some forms really quickly and can only deduce that it is either people who have supplied their email account details and Facebook has used the accounts to make connections with people and their emails [2].

Why you would want Facebook to have your contact details I have no idea. But that is a personal matter which I do not agree with.

Yes I know Facebook must have some other complex algorithm that some how finds other people you might know through facts found on your profile or numerous degrees of separation etc. It is really spooky though when people are suggested when they have no commonalities, no common friends, nothing as they are new users on Facebook, and yet it knows to suggest them to you.

Beware of what you post and what applications you use on Facebook as everything can be used!

From a marketing perspective, it is a win for Facebook. Funny eh, but true!
But who knew, they do!

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One Response to Facebook PI, the spy who knew.

  1. Amrita says:

    Hi !

    Nice Post. Yes Have account both in facebook and Orkut.
    I simply delete suggested friends from the list.
    I think its good to add people whom we know.

    With Regards

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