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Ever want unlimited access to books at the click of a mouse? Yes there is Google’s effort to catalogue everything (Google Books [1]) but it has been met with much resistance. On the other hand the team at [2] … Continue reading


Book Review: Grey Hat Python

This is my first “short” book review, but it is more of a book recommendation really. I am a member of the site that provides the ‘Safari Library’ subscriber full access to all their books. It is a researcher’s … Continue reading


MD5 hashing algorithm is dead, get over it!

I had a funny argument with a friend the other day about the MD5 hashing algorithm. The argument was that it had been heard that MD5 is not vulnerable to collisions. Anyone having doubts can see the great examples provided … Continue reading


Facebook PI, the spy who knew.

Facebook. A composite word that has nothing to do with a face or a book. Maybe if you post your face then we have at least a face. Still it is the top of the top in social networking, keep … Continue reading

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