Disk Study 2008-2009

We do the disk study every year and really look forward to what might pop up. It is a bit like the feeling you get when unwrapping gifts at a birthday or Christmas. This year[1-7] we had some very interesting drives come our way. As Prof. Andrew Blyth said “While it’s not getting worse, its not getting any better either” which is really worrying.

Let me take this opportunity to mention also that we use AccessData as our analysis tool and that the drives provided were all randomly and blindly delivered to us.

We had two drives containing data from the Scottish NHS hospital with confidential patient data and a disk from the German embassy in Paris (France) containing interesting security logs.

The case that has made the headlines is that of a drive found in America by the partnering University (Longwood University) contained test launch procedures etc. I also think that the drive involving a US-based consultant, formerly with a US-based weapons manufacture, that revealed account numbers and details of proposals and $50bn in currency exchange was as equally interesting.

Details from the following companies are included in [5], they are Laura Ashley, Lanarkshire NHS, Ford Motor Company, Swindon Council and Nokia.
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Full coverage can be found at:

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