BCS’s YPG Career Day: ‘Information Security’ at Swindon

The Young Professionals Group (YPG) at the Wiltshire Branch of the BCS are organising a career day titled ‘Information Security’ for students (or staff) who wish to know more about training opportunities, career guidance, professional networking, etc.

The event is open to BCS and non-BCS members and lunch will be provided.

Speakers include:
Debi Ashenden, senior research fellow, Cranfield University UK
Alexander Lucas, principal security development lead, Microsoft UK
Will Deane, chief technology officer, Regency IT Consulting UK

Event Details (correct on day of publishing):
Saturday 7th February 2009, 10:45 – 16:30

Please find more information at:

or from the PDF brochure (locally hosted):

Personal note:
If you are interested in picking the minds of some of the speakers or visitors, I recommend that you attend this BCS event as it is a great opportunity.

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