Google Chrome is here! ..any tips?!

Google Chrome, another Internet browser has arrived to provide another alternative to surfing the web. We think that it is just great to have different options and new technologies introduced into this field. Sure making the project open source will help drive it into different areas in the future but for now it is in beta mode. Let us look at some disadvantages associated with browser’s functionality.
A valuable and helpful feature from the Google Chrome Options is the “Restore the pages that were last opened”.

However Google Chrome doesn’t allow you to get rid of the last tab just before you exit the Web Browser. In other words, hitting the close button, which is in the tab area, will exit the browser without totally closing that tab. What this means is that the tab will open again when the browser re-opens.This is the behaviour that you would expect to happen when you hit the close button on the browser and not that of the tab.

Furthermore, the “Clear Browsing Data” option will clear the browsing and download history logs, empty your cache, discard any cookies and clear any saved passwords but still wont get rid of this last tab left there in your browser.

So, the only option you are left with, to be on the safe side and keep the “Restore the pages that were last opened” option true, you need to navigate to another random webpage (i.e., manually then do a “Clear Browsing Data” and finally close your Chrome Browser.
From a more technical point of view, the browser has a behaviour that could be taken advantage of in order to produce confusion to a user.

By creating a script that removes the files that start with the letter f from the userprofile\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache any web sites you are trying to access that you already have visited in the past will simply start coming up in a weird format (i.e, cached images are missing) and maybe completely inaccessible. The only way to solve this problem is to go to your browser and perform a “Clear Browsing Data”. This will solve the browsing problem but it will also get rid of data that you did not actually want to delete from your cache.

Closing the browser and re-opening it will not solve this problem either as the caching mechanism does not check to see if the cache files exist.

*Thanks goes to K.Xynos for his feedback on the article and light editing it.

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2 Responses to Google Chrome is here! ..any tips?!

  1. Drew says:

    Read an intresting piece the otherday (can nay rememeber where thougth) about Google and its instance on only (*seemingly*) having beta projects – Gmail has been in beta for 3+ years now.

    One school of thought says they do it because they want to make absolutly sure that it works – the other says that if it crashes and you loose all your data then they can say “well, it was only beta”.

    I’m not (and call me paranoid if you will) falling for this “do no evil” and so choose to go with the later :-).

  2. Nasar says:

    Too many compimletns too little space, thanks!

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