Spam for breakfast and lunch …and tea?

I was going through the blog’s comments to delete the sp[a]m comments and to make sure there are no real comments (‘yeah right’ you would say).

When I came across this one:

“Nice blog, i have added it to my favourites, greetings “
— Bet-at-home (dekaxxx78@xx.xx) said 2 days ago Edit | Approve | Delete

Now how would you know if this is sp[a]m or not?
Well one would say that the funky name is a giveaway(Bet-at-home) and the link to is a dead giveaway. The comment though is good!
Well if the spammer has done his work correctly -said 2 days- then if we google his email address or name etc. we should find many more similar postings on other blogs(i.e.Results 1 – 10 of about 75…).

That is one way of figuring out if it is a sp[a]m message or not. Now I wonder why the sp[a]m filter is not picking up some dodgy comments…

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  1. Fair Trade says:

    Hi Konstantinos
    I’m intrigued! I tend to use the name Fair Trade when I comment on peoples’ blogs because I’m proud of what we do and I like to spread the word… but am I a spammer in your eyes?
    I hope not but I admit it is a bit cheeky – but is it acceptable or just plain dodgy?

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