Is your DNS secure? Not much you can do anyway!

With the patch for the DNS exploit (US-CERT’s Vulnerability Note VU#800113 [3]) being rolled out, The Register reports[1] of users being redirected to fake google sites.
At the end of the article there are two test sites. I tried both tests and both had good news. The Uni.’s domains check out to have a GREAT (in green) source port randomness and GREAT transaction ID randomness.

1. tested 2. tested

At least I won’t be getting any dodgy ad-based obscene material in my searches for journal articles and conference papers.

Don’t forget to test your ISP: , Keep an eye out if they are vulnerable and tell us the results.

Update: Sure you could change your DNS entry and have your requests directed to OpenDNS. That is up to you, and how paranoid you are.

Links Used:
[1] – Black hats attack gaping DNS hole

[2] DNS-OARC – Web-based DNS Randomness Test

[3] US-CERT’s Vulnerability Note VU#800113 –

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  1. Kosta Xynos says:

    I tested the free wifi access at Hoffi Coffi and it uses OpenDNS which clears as great in both areas.

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