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Cyber-attacks, don’t forget your armour plated screen and Pong.

When you hear news like this it is hard not to write about it. It seams that there is another cyber-attack on Georgian web sites, which include The Georgian presidential ( and other government websites (such as as reported … Continue reading

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Spam for breakfast and lunch …and tea?

I was going through the blog’s comments to delete the sp[a]m comments and to make sure there are no real comments (‘yeah right’ you would say). When I came across this one: “Nice blog, i have added it to my … Continue reading

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Is your DNS secure? Not much you can do anyway!

With the patch for the DNS exploit (US-CERT’s Vulnerability Note VU#800113 [3]) being rolled out, The Register reports[1] of users being redirected to fake google sites. At the end of the article there are two test sites. I tried both … Continue reading

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Email a student from (only for the transitional period)

If you are in dire need, and require to send and receive emails with a student; and already have an email with (Students can just login with their credentials from Then you could use the google mail account … Continue reading

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