Does your PC include Memristors? Soon they will!

Beware computer users and criminals, computer forensics will soon be equipped with ‘memristors’. What are ‘memristors’?

‘The memristors are so called because they have the ability to “remember” the amount of charge that has flowed through them after the power has been switched off.
This could allow researchers to build new kinds of computer memory that would not require powering up.’ [1]

Computer Forensics: These types of memory could be used to recover information once a machine has been switched off.

Links Used:
[1] – BBC News – Electronics’ ‘missing link’ found –

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2 Responses to Does your PC include Memristors? Soon they will!

  1. Drew says:

    The way i read it (althougth i am little warped) was that instead of duming the contents of your memory to HDD as in a suspend mode when you suspend a pc.

    surely in the same way a actual shut procedure could be programmed to blank/turn them into gibberish the memistors?

  2. Smock says:

    Yes, The way I read it, it’s more a case of “If the computer suffers a power failure, it’s last state is captured, so when you turn it on everything is still loaded into ram”. In fact the article mentions that this is the primary benefit.
    And yes, the question is, when you shut down a computer, what happens to the ram state. Does it contain a jumbled state of whatever happened to last be in memory? If so, I’m sure it won’t be long before people create a util to wipe it on shutdown – as potentially it could contain sensitive data. “Bank laptop was encrypted but 1000’s of credit card details were still in the memristors!”

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