Are Security Assessments Green?

If you speak ‘green’ you are ‘in’! (i.e. Green as in Eco-friendly.) Green this, green that (even Hulk is green (different green, sure) and that is coming out soon, again), all the IT and business magazines include at least one ‘green’ article. So this made me think of ‘green’ and security. Why? Well, for those who use security software on a daily basis will know that the majority of security related tools use a lot of processing power (e.g., Beowulf clusters, powerful number-crunching machines, Anti-virus products etc.). This means more power consumption and therefore a larger CO2 footprint. Therefore we can conclude that security assessments are not Green (not even like Hulk)!

So, we can say with certainty that crackers and cracking methodologies are not eco-friendly!

Sure solution: install power-generating bikes in all offices, which will power the individuals PC and keep them fit.

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