A Western (Digital) hold-up!

Western Digital has introduced a system that blocks the sharing of music and audio files on network shares, in efforts to combat the illegal transfer of copyright data. [1]

Although I have not looked into how the technology works, it is quite clear that we will be forced to give reasons for our private lives and how we use our digital music and videos. I can only dread the time when companies will start pushing this type of model and depicting when and how we use and distribute our media.

The future as I see it:
I suggest that a new DRM system be created. One that will create a unique key, for every person, that will be inserted into the media file. If we want to move that file to another drive we have to authenticate the transfer process with biometrics (that matches the unique key that has been embeded). We can give a song to a friend and the song will retain our key and append his and finally I will get charged for the transfer. Since, all devices of the future will contain Wi-Max and therefore getting intouch with a Music Retailer and charging is a simple and automated task. I also suggest that I should get a special discount for promoting a certain song that is not classified as popular.

This is how I see it happening. The only way they will stay happy and prosperous is by providing such absurd technologies. Unfortunately, unless the majority accepts these technologies, which they do not, they will never be implemented successfully.

Another after thought:
How does this new feature affect computer forensics?

The answer depends on how it is implemented (i.e., hardware or software).

Link Used:

[1] ‘Digital locks’ future questioned
By Darren Waters (BBC News) – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7136069.stm

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