Microsofts Inspiration Tour

Today we had Microsoft’s Inspiration Tour on campus giving a lengthily talk about their latest technologies (e.g. Silverlight, XNA, etc) and how they are used and where. More details can be found on the two sites provided [1, 2].

As excepted these events provide a very good introduction into the latest and greatest that Microsoft is bringing into the global market. With the tour they are making a good effort to get the young minds into thinking of what technologies are available and how they can be used.

Why, might you ask? Well you never know when you will come across them in industry! [At this point, I would like to point out that the presentation also mentioned that there is a shortage of .NET programmers in the industry. Interesting!]

Overall the technologies showcased had one commonality, developing in a very simple way. One must be aware that, when pushing the developers to a more high level way of creating applications, they become alienated from the inner workings of the systems.

What about security? Microsoft has a large market, and problems in its implementations will affect many people, globally.

One more interesting thing Microsoft’s Tour provided was an insight to a new implementation of a zip compression for t-shirts (see above, t-shirt and compressed t-shirt block).

Links Used:

[1] Microsoft Inspiration Tour comes to the Faculty of Advanced Technology

[2] Microsoft, ‘The Inspiration Tour’ –

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