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UK goverment is ignoring the importance of your confidential details

This is not a laughing matter anymore. The first large hit to the UK government was the reporting of 25 million child benefit records stored on disks going missing [1, 2, 14, 15] . Then we had more going missing … Continue reading


A Western (Digital) hold-up!

Western Digital has introduced a system that blocks the sharing of music and audio files on network shares, in efforts to combat the illegal transfer of copyright data. [1] Although I have not looked into how the technology works, it … Continue reading

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Microsofts Inspiration Tour

Today we had Microsoft’s Inspiration Tour on campus giving a lengthily talk about their latest technologies (e.g. Silverlight, XNA, etc) and how they are used and where. More details can be found on the two sites provided [1, 2]. As … Continue reading

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