There are malicious websites in my soup(ed) up results.

As reported [1], security companies Sunbelt Software and Trend Micro have singled out webpages, with malicious content (in most cases targeting MS Internet Explorer vulnerabilities), that were trying to raise their presence on most of the search engines. Google has made efforts to remove the sites, yet sponsored links sometimes can be misleading. MSN search engine has a history of serving websites with malicious content, be aware!

Yes, that innocent looking site that you use to find a lost, unknown, recommended, much needed, etc. website is being taken advantage in order to assist in the spread of malicious content. This content is then used to extract much need information from the users surfing, to finally help organised crime to defraud people/banks from money.

This is the globalized world we live in! Where everyone and everything is connected to the Internet and no matter how much we like it or not, we have to start becoming more aware of the security implications when using online software to conduct and manage private/sensitive personal information.

One must be sure not to get too anxious about using these technologies or they may end up with security-anxiety [2] and no one wants that!

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