Would you like some malware with that purchase?

Yet another great reporting from The Register – Chinese Trojan on Maxtor HDDs spooks Taiwan http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2007/11/12/maxtor_infected_hdd_updated/ .

Just when you thought that you could trust big companies (why do I hear laughing in the background?) sub-contracting once again demonstrates how it can cause problems.

This time it is about Maxtor hard drives that were pre-installed with a Trojan named AutoRun-AH, discovered by Kaspersky Labs.

Seagate (Maxtor parent) has confirmed the findings: http://www.seagate.com/www/en-us/support/downloads/personal_storage/ps3200-sw

Sub-contracting does make it very hard to ensure that there is no unwanted programs placed in a product and it makes tracking such changes very costly (and damages company reputation) to the manufacturing company.

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