Monthly Archives: November 2007

There are malicious websites in my soup(ed) up results.

As reported [1], security companies Sunbelt Software and Trend Micro have singled out webpages, with malicious content (in most cases targeting MS Internet Explorer vulnerabilities), that were trying to raise their presence on most of the search engines. Google has … Continue reading

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To be (encrypted) or not to be? That was the question.

Yesterday was an eventful day in British news, as far as computer security is concerned always. No, I am not talking about the ‘Windows random number generator is so not random’ [1, 2] by which all cryptographic systems using Windows … Continue reading


Would you like some malware with that purchase?

Yet another great reporting from The Register – Chinese Trojan on Maxtor HDDs spooks Taiwan . Just when you thought that you could trust big companies (why do I hear laughing in the background?) sub-contracting once again demonstrates how … Continue reading

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Hack Uni. + Alter grades = 20years prison and £120k

Crime does not pay… you do! In the case of two California men, John Escalera, 29, and Gustavo Razo, 28, who hacked a California state University database and altered their University grades for their personal benefit. If convicted they will … Continue reading

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