Microsoft Vista Security Talk @ Glamorgan Uni.

On October 23, 2007 we had a guest speaker from Microsoft, Steve Lamb. It is always interesting to attend a Microsoft talk and see what experiences the talker wants to share with the audience. I have been to a few Microsoft Events and Steve’s talk was open to discussion and he would answer any type of question surrounding information security and any operating system (a plus!). He did mention that he had used other operating systems, prior to joining Microsoft, which I believe is another plus.

On his blog [1], together with the slides, he has provided links to some subjects/ subject areas mentioned in the talk.

Unfortunately I did not stay till the end of the talk as I had a prior engagement. Thus I can not comment further on the matter. If anyone wants to add their experience or comment on it please do so.

We would like to thank Steve Lamb from Microsoft for coming over.


[1] Steve Lamb’s Talk at the University –


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