IP camera? ..oh yes, now we all can see you!

Not much to mention in this article other than a tricky search using Google’s search engine.

Google search engine accepts special words in order to help you find faster, what you are looking for. If you are looking for PowerPoint presentations which contain information about IP cameras, your search should look like this:
filetype:ppt IP camera

If you would like to identify any free broadcasting IP cameras online the only thing you have to do is to search for:


in case you would like to find cameras that are not broadcasting in real time but refresh a picture every 30sec then you can search for search for:

more info at:

This is an example on how useful resources on the Internet like Google could be used to find services that do not have the appropriate security policies applied to them.

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3 Responses to IP camera? ..oh yes, now we all can see you!

  1. Smock says:

    Hmm… GlamCam ??

  2. James says:

    I spent a couple of hours trawling through Google’s results and even though it pulled 10,000 links I only got as far as the 110th link before Google informed me tht it suspected I was spyware and that was as much as it was going to show me.

    The vulnerable cameras appear to be AXIS and specific Panasonic models. The AXIS ones generally allowed me control over them and that was fun even though, quite often, I was clearly struggling against someone else who was controlling the same camera.

    Still, I was able to do things like zoom in to read a registration number on a Toyota parked on a college campus in New England.

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