My computer came with Windows Vista pre-installed!!!

What should have told you before buying a computer with Vista pre-installed? Five key points that you mignt find interesting.

  • 1) Check if the programs that you are using under Windows XP are going to work under Windows Vista. Microsoft’s online list of compatible programs:
    Note that programs like Skype and Symantec Norton, except the corporate version of Norton, are not in the list.
  • 2) If you consider downgrading to Windows XP with your new Vista-ready laptop think again. The task is going to be a lot more difficult that you think. The hardware introduced in your Vista-ready computer, in many cases, has no Windows XP drivers. The BIOS of your computer (especially laptop) is probably limited so you cannot by-pass certain points in order to be able to boot or install from the Windows XP CD. It is not impossible, it can be done. However, you need to take the laptop to someone who definitely knows how it can be done.
  • 3) If you manage to install Windows XP make sure you are aware that since next year no more licenses of XP will be available from Microsoft. Thus, in a sort period of time there will be no more support.
  • 4) Vista is resource hungry. So, consider getting a 2 GB of RAM in order to be sure that everything will run smoothly. Keep in mind that you need at list 40 GB of hard disk space available for Vista to run efficiently. This means that from my experience you need at least 100 GB hard disk for the Operating system and programs installation. Add to this amount to how much space you want to have available for your data storage. It is wised to have 2 different hard disks.
  • 5) You must check the license agreement on how many times you are allowed to activate your copy of Windows Vista. Generally is only 2 times, but do check that for yourself. That means that if you decide to format your hard disk and reinstall the operating system, you can do that only 2 times.

Article by Grigorios Fragkos

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21 Responses to My computer came with Windows Vista pre-installed!!!

  1. Smock says:

    Anyway, all of this does not detract from the fact that XP does have drivers for SATA. They’re just not included in the XP CD as SATA was a new technology after XP was released.

    I’m sure the same will apply for Vista when a new technology comes out; you will need to get the drivers off the net for it as it won’t be on the install DVD/CDs

  2. says:

    can i run a new laptop with vista windows via a router connected to a computer with windows x p

  3. Lokz says:

    Hi,i have successfully installed XP on pre-installed Vista but i cant install any sound of video drivers…need good advise tried almoust everything…and cant think anything anymore

  4. Ted says:

    As for not being able to install sound drivers xp is probabley looking for Hi def drivers that must be installed before you can install your sound drivers I beleive the microsof xp patch is KB 888111 then go to the device manager in system controll and look for any pci devices that have a yellow flag on them you’ll have to guide the device to the proper drivers which should be in system/32

  5. PPC Agency says:

    Depending on where you got your Laptop you should have been able to ask for what ever OS you wanted. Unless you bought it from PC World where the less questions you ask the better it is.

  6. GarykPatton says:

    Hello. I think the article is really interesting. I am even interested in reading more. How soon will you update your blog?

  7. How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  8. ClearlyPro says:

    When I tried to log on to my notebook, a message saying “there are not sufficient resources to load” my account with the default something-or-other popped up. The message had a timer that was going to close the window, and then when it closed it would not log me on. I could not turn it off normally so I cut the power. When I turned it back on I logged on fine?
    I read here Worcester PC but couldnt make sense?


  9. SurfinGuy525 says:

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  10. Smock says:

    I’ve not heard of any *hardware* without XP drivers yet – Could you shed some light upon this please?

  11. tobs says:

    Does this come straight from the “Apple Macintosh Little Book Of Windows Facts”?

    I think maybe point 1 & 4 are halfway to being valid.

    1) Majority of software is compatible – you had to pay to be tested and included on the list, so lots of people didn’t.

    2) That’s incredible.

    3) Support been extended to 2011. All o/s’s have a limited support lifetime.

    4) True, but you are unlikely to get a preinstalled PC with specs below Vista’s minimun, and you can turn off the fancy UI, backup, etc to save resources.

    5) Totally untrue. Unless you change the hardware, you can reinstall as many times as you need.

  12. Smock says:

    p.s. I heard that even on the same hardware, the number of installs per year was limited to 6. Anyone know for certain? (my xp is on the same installation from a year ago, and still going strong btw)

  13. Smock says:

    What is so hard about ordering posts by timestamp? and why is the server 12 hours out? Asnwers on a postcard….

  14. Grigorios Fragkos says:

    You can reinstall the OS as many times as you like. However, the activation process is the one which is limited to a specific number of times.

    About the drivers:
    A common example is the new drivers that come with Vista for the latest SATA HDDs. XP does not have these SATA drivers, thus, when you boot from the XP CD and press F8 to accept the license agreement you get a blue screen that says “You have no hard disks on this computer”. Actually, there should be a BIOS option in your laptop that emulates the HDD as IDE and then you are able to install. However, some manufactures took that option away after the first releases of there laptops (I wonder why??!!).
    The tricky part is that the driver for the HDD is within the pack of drivers that come with the Motherboard chipset. So, you need to dig into your M/B chipset drivers from the from your Vista installation, find the SATA ones, extract them, and finally use them to install XP.

  15. Smock says:

    Actually, I have 2 brand new SATA-2 hard disks, and I can install XP onto these without needing any extra driver disks – and I get no error about no hard disks.

    This is not an operating system issue, it’s actually a motherboard issue – and in fact applies to older motherboards where you could only setup a sata hard disk via a raid controller (thus needing a driver disk – which WOULD still let you install onto the SATA drive). Newer motherboards will actually present SATA hard disks to the O/S as if there were PATA ones

  16. tobs says:

    They don’t have to be RAID controllers as well, but this is a SATA controller driver problem which is unrelated to the OS really. I had this when trying to install Win2k on a new box, so extracted the drivers and made a disk, F4. In fact it’s a plus of Vista that it sees this and overcomes the problem, not the other way around.

  17. Smock says:

    Incidentally, there’s a nifty utility called nLite, that will allow you to create a new Boot CD for XP which includes drivers downloaded for your favourite sata/raid drives (as well as tweaking other installation settings)

  18. Smock says:

    forgot to link “nLite”:

  19. Grigorios Fragkos says:

    Yes, we know about nLite. Tools exist out there. nLite is a very good solution when dealing with this Vista -> XP problem.

    However, the problem is that we shouldnt be in this position to go all the way around for a simple instalation. BTW, when you first wanted to intall W2K in older computer you couldnt because of the BIOS version. Your BIOS didnt have the required configuration to let you start installing W2K.

  20. thanks for the GREAT post! Very useful…

  21. Lim says:

    stick with your vista might as well learn it.Using Vista==========ok there are things you can do, just find out how1. if you got a loatpp then reduce the slider sensitivity of the touchpad. Some are so sensitive that they sense the palm of your hand nearby while you are typing which causes crazy things. Or it sense your fingers hovering above and causes data to move unexpectedly. This can happen even if using a mouse.2. anything that doesn’t work properly just right click the icon and check through the properties screens3. Vista basic needs codecs to run dvd’s. Install a codec pack.4. on both loatpp and desktops set the power management menu items to never, Only use a screen saver. disable hibernate. All this turning stuff off is trouble.5. Also go into device manager and set all the USB devices so that their power never turns off.6. Google vista tweaks you may find something that really helps your situation.7. run windows live onecare safety scan every couple of weeks (google it)8 You need 2 gig of ram, check in the performance tab of taskmanager to see if you got 2 gig, if not buy more.9. set up ie7 like thisIE7=======Over time IE7 seems to set its own (or programs do) tick boxes in the advance tab.In IE7 Tools >Internet Options >Advance TabClick Restore advance settings defaults button.Then scroll the listings down to near the bottom and:Tick empty temp files when browser closes (this empties the cache, which if not empty, will stop you from going online).Bullet disable phishing filter (optional. Leave it on if you want that type of protection, usually for financial data like internet banking)Delete Browser History, cookies, add ons, the whole lot regularly. Do it every few days.Close the browser to set the settings.10 Note only run one firewall and only one phishing filter program per computer.

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