iDefense API logger (updated version)

While analysing some Malware I was introduced to SysAnalyzer []. SysAnalyzer comes with many programs one of which was of immediate interest, the api_logger. This program can be run on its own, and provides the basic API calls made by a program []. One of the problems though is that the items are displayed in list boxes and can not be saved to a file.

I was very fortunate in that the application comes with the source code and a GNU GPL licence. So with some additions to the GUI and code I added a save to file functionality and tided up a bit the GUI layout (e.g. ‘resume logging’ was illegible once clicked on).

Original SysAnalyzer :

Modified api_logger:

   modified source (with binary) zip :

   modified api_logger binary (includes original api_log.dll) :
   spSubclass.dll (required Ref. dll for VB Project) :
   spSubclass @

Static link to this information:

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