Feel more secure this academic year

A new academic year has just started and on behalf of the Information Security Research Group (ISRG) at the University of Glamorgan, I would like to welcome everyone.

Our experience [National coverage for forensic research – http://fat.glam.ac.uk/news/en/2007/sep/18/national-coverage-forensic-research/] has shown that security awareness is the first step in making daily transactions on computer networks (e.g. Local Networks, Internet, etc.) slightly more secure and therefore I am redirecting any new comers to our ‘Start Feeling Secure Checklist’ -[http://isrg.weblog.glam.ac.uk/posts/2006/08/10/start-feeling-secure-checklist].

Stay posted as this year the group plans to run ‘Information Security Study Sessions at Glamorgan’ (IS3@Glam) within the academic year. This will allow students to present to other students ideas, research papers, and anything else concerning Computer Forensics, Privacy, Information Security, etc. Please contact Theo Tryfonas (ttryfona[at]glam.ac.uk) who will be organising the events with ideas.

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