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Reading the dead disk

I and Nick Pringle were in the forensics lab going through some old hard drives which were reported as faulty (unreadable, bad sectors, etc). We selected one that sounded quite used (if you give it a shake it sounds like … Continue reading

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Microsoft Vista Security Talk @ Glamorgan Uni.

On October 23, 2007 we had a guest speaker from Microsoft, Steve Lamb. It is always interesting to attend a Microsoft talk and see what experiences the talker wants to share with the audience. I have been to a few … Continue reading

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IP camera? ..oh yes, now we all can see you!

Not much to mention in this article other than a tricky search using Google’s search engine. Google search engine accepts special words in order to help you find faster, what you are looking for. If you are looking for PowerPoint … Continue reading


My computer came with Windows Vista pre-installed!!!

What should have told you before buying a computer with Vista pre-installed? Five key points that you mignt find interesting. 1) Check if the programs that you are using under Windows XP are going to work under Windows Vista. Microsoft’s … Continue reading


Do you own a Sony Vaio Laptop?

This blog entry can also be considered as a survey. Along with my other computers I own a Sony Vaio also. It came to my attention that the Windows(R) installation that comes with the Vaio laptop contains among others an … Continue reading


A Forensics blog

I happened to come across a blog on computer forensics ‘Computer Forensics Blog – Notes on computer forensics’ [].   There is interesting information like: How to enumerate members of a group out of the SAM with a hex editor … Continue reading

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iDefense API logger (updated version)

While analysing some Malware I was introduced to SysAnalyzer []. SysAnalyzer comes with many programs one of which was of immediate interest, the api_logger. This program can be run on its own, and provides the basic API calls made by a … Continue reading

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Careful with those encryption keys or it is a few years in jail

‘The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) has had a clause activated which allows a person to be compelled to reveal a decryption key. Refusal can earn someone a five-year jail term.’ ‘Section 49 of Part III of RIPA compels … Continue reading


Beware of the Sleeping Mountain (Windows Vista)

Beware of Windows Vista and its sleeping ways. I have come across students who have found PCs asleep and when powered on they are back into the previous users account. This means open web pages (like email accounts, facebook, myspace … Continue reading


Feel more secure this academic year

A new academic year has just started and on behalf of the Information Security Research Group (ISRG) at the University of Glamorgan, I would like to welcome everyone. Our experience [National coverage for forensic research –] has shown that security … Continue reading

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