Beware of the byte-ing advert

For those of you who think that surfing the web and not downloading anything still ensures that your machine will not be infected by a virus/malware, here is the truth.

As the article points out [1] (once again) malware is distributed through online advertisements placed on sites. It is installed without any user interaction required. This is not a connection that can be blocked with a firewall. These programs take advantage of problems that exist on the application, being application specific. Therefore it is important in choosing and keeping our internet connected applications up to date.

For the more advanced users: take a look at plug-ins that block unwanted javascript ( or an ad blocker (e.g.Adblocker Plus) for Firefox.

Links Used:

[1] Matt Chapman,, "Ad-based Trojan hits MySpace, Bebo and others" –

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  1. Theo Tryfonas says:

    Right to the spot Kostas. Our recent paper at ECIW 07 (with Paul Owen and Paula Thomas) discusses exactly the implications of that sort of emerging threat.

    The conventional model for malware infections is that the user activates some piece of executable code – by accident or willfully. The implication of this model is that most of the responsibility for the infection is (conveniently for the anti-virus vendors) with the user (or the phantom malware writer).

    An infection that occurs through no fault of the user, but because the security vendor is a step behind the attacker is interesting from many perspectives, including legal implications…

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