Transformers hacked the world (Hollywood America, sorry)

I went and saw Transformers on Friday (and Sunday, it was that good!). What has this got to do with computer security? Well in the movie you have a bunch of alien robots trying to find a cube. The humans had found and hidden it. So the robots go on to the government network (once from an army base and once from Air Force One) and get on the network, after hacking through their security in a matter of seconds, and try to find clues to where it is.

After finding the relevant information and while it is being downloaded a special virus is also uploaded. This virus is resilient to any anti-virus and adapts to newer heuristics. It is a time bomb and at the appropriate time disables all the networks and communication channels.

Talk about Artificial Intelligence, alien life forms experienced in hacking networks and Critical National Infrastructures. Other relevant movie information included the robots reverse engineering car schematics to transform into them (I wonder if they had problems with the relevant companies’ copyright policy) and a sound expert (called a hacker) who found and translated special symbols to readable English (in a matter of seconds). Then again it is a fast moving movie with hardly any boring bits. 

What it boils down to is that the hacking parts are not as cool and thought out as usual in Hollywood movies. The movie still rocks (especially if you like cars, robots and fighting and best of all not a drop of blood, great for kids).

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2 Responses to Transformers hacked the world (Hollywood America, sorry)

  1. Andy says:

    I agree, though I thought it was quite a good laugh so it is worth a watch but dont expect it to be a classic such as ‘Pearl Harbour’ or ‘Commando’ or any of the other holliwood greats.

  2. Laura Burdon-Manley says:

    After various bribes, bets and blackmail between seeing Harry Potter and Transformers I finally succumbed to my partners choice of Tranformers. I had serious dounbts as it is a Michael bay film and I was absolutely right.
    Who was this film made for? OK CGI impressive as ever, but the script, plot and execution are so bad, not to mention I felt I was watching a car advert through the first part of the movie. Almost had to leave the cinema. Don’t waste your pennies. Only for boys between 5 and 6, but even then I’d be worried about the heavy doses of pro-American military moments, and a thick layer of fromage.
    Being a tranformers fan in my youth the only part that really excited me was hearing Optimus Primes deap booming voice and the amazing build of Megatron. I am seriously worried that we are in an age when it makes it OK to produce amazing CGI and forget about backing it up with plot, character or any decent narrative. As a dancer this is comparible to being able to do the splits but having absolutely no rhythm.

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