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Does the paper make the reference or the reference make the paper?

Part of writing an academic paper involves reading related work in the related field (no way Sherlock, you say). Well I was doing just that when I encountered a problem. A journal paper referenced by another paper stated that the … Continue reading


A look at the interview between a MPack Developer and R. Lemos

It is not often you come across a news article that is accompanied by the actual interview transcript. There is an interesting interview between Robert Lemos of SecurityFocus and one of the MPack Support Team (Aka DreamCoders Support) members [interview … Continue reading

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Transformers hacked the world (Hollywood America, sorry)

I went and saw Transformers on Friday (and Sunday, it was that good!). What has this got to do with computer security? Well in the movie you have a bunch of alien robots trying to find a cube. The humans … Continue reading