Hey, this site is hacking me!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the time has come that web sites will be launching hack attacks against our browsers, operating systems and they will take over… no, not the world but our computers and consequently the Internet (our virtual world).

Unknown people somewhere millions of miles away will be able to control your computer, just because you visited a web site. Why you might ask, because they can! What is the world coming to… even smarter ways of causing havoc and web-terror. I am allowed to use it in this context since it does cause a certain amount in the sub-conscious part of our minds.

What is this threat you may wonder, it is a toolkit called MPack [1] which has amazing spreading capabilities. Reports say it has infected more than 160,000 computers and the numbers should rise.

What are security firms doing? Well the toolkit has a set of exploits that it tries against your browser/operating system. Logically, if you are up to date on patches (i.e. browser and operating system) then you should not worry, for now that is. When they come out with version v0.999999 which has an automatic exploit updating system, then worry! So there is not much they can do.

For those who are really interested in what is included in the package PandaLabs has produced a great PDF report with its finer workings: http://blogs.pandasoftware.com/blogs/images/PandaLabs/2007/05/11/MPack.pdf

Links Used:

[1] Mpack attack infects PCs on massive scale – http://www.securityfocus.com/brief/529

[2] PandaLabs – PandaLabs Report: Mpack Uncovered http://blogs.pandasoftware.com/blogs/images/PandaLabs/2007/05/11/MPack.pdf

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