Microsoft Surface

The new era of a "coffee table" that will approximately
cost: $10,000

(Prices will go down approximately in 5 years time in order to be affordable by the public.)

That looks really great and I believe that most people would love to have one. The reason of this post is to discuss the following thought.

For years some people "including me" wanted from our Operating System to support more than 1 mouse and more than 1 keyboard device. By this, I mean that as many mouse devices I connect to the computer that is how many pointers I see on the screen. If you wonder why, because I could do many ordinary tasks faster with both hands if I had 2 mouse devices.

Consequently, if my OS Kernel was able to support such functionality (the same way it support multiple instance of any other devices) I strongly believe that it wont be very difficult to make one of those "Surface" systems by using a simple computer and your favourite touch screen.
Most probable Microsoft won’t introduce something like that. However, what happens if Linux does? Can it be considered legal? Will I be allowed by Microsoft to rebuild my Linux Kernel to support (n) number of mouse / keyboard devices in order to create a system called "Linux Plain" (that does exactly the same thing and will be free to use)?

Looking forward for your views.

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  1. Smock says:

    I too wished for the use of 2 mice on one PC in the early 90’s after playing a game (Settlers) on the amiga which used 2 mice, and then finding the PC version did not support 2 mice 🙁

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