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Hunting down what we do not understand

A European country, Germany, is in the final stage of passing a law that will constitute it illegal to create, own and use so-called “hacking tools”. It is said that they have tightened definitions “making denial of service attacks and … Continue reading


Bugzilla as a SPAM medium

After going through the Blogs Mailing List I come upon some interesting users. It is obvious to those who have signed up that there is no Captcha[1,2] so spammers go through. The URL field of one of the latest entries … Continue reading


Bad Security Practice

We all heard about the recent TK Maxxx[1] incident where customer details from 45.7 million payment cards were stolen. The interesting part in the attack is that the attackers used the US retailer TJX’s Wi-Fi Network (which used WEP)[2] to … Continue reading

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