A computer forensics expert is on the case

It is really amazing when you hear that someone was able to deceive so many people on more than 700 police cases, passing him self as a forensic scientist with a BSc and PhD, when in reality he had no qualifications. His only qualification, I would say, he had was in Social Engineering (e.g., in conning people into thinking that he is a professional).

The article goes on to point out that there is a need to certify Computer Forensic investigators and that the amount analysts/expert witnesses is increasing as more and more cases involve computers. Read more at: http://technology.guardian.co.uk/online/insideit/story/0,,2028456,00.html

This sound like great news for students studying Computer Forensics (e.g., B.Sc [Hons] Computer Forensics or M.Sc Information Security and Computer Crime) as it demonstrates the growing need for this specialised area of Forensics.


Links used:

Peter Warren, The evidence mounts on the need for expert witnesses – http://technology.guardian.co.uk/online/insideit/story/0,,2028456,00.html

B.Sc [Hons] Computer Forensics – http://www.glam.ac.uk/coursedetails/685/51

M.Sc Information Security and Computer Crime – http://www.glam.ac.uk/courses/685/549

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3 Responses to A computer forensics expert is on the case

  1. Mike says:

    Actually, this also points out the need for attention to the basics
    like checking qualifications.

    Moreover, from my perspective, it illustrates the public interest in
    publishing qualifications of professionals and not just those in the
    medical field.

  2. Daniel Cunliffe says:

    The British Computer Society maintains a Security Specialists Professional Advice Register – though I don’t know how rigorous it is (has to be more rigorous than the above story!).

    There is actually quite a lot if security related information on the theBCS Security pages.

  3. Kosta Xynos says:

    Thank you Daniel, for pointing out that the BSC has such lists. I took a look at the site and actually they have listings of registered BSC Members grouped by IT Consultants, Security Specialists and Expert Witnesses.

    The sad part of it is that all the lists are, relatively, small. The expert witnesses’ site has only 7 registered members.

    I guess there is not much of an incentive to pay the annual fee, if it is not a requirement, further to the added requirements like years of experience, etc. Most of the requirements are what a client would expect from such professionals.

    We must not forget what is written in the disclaimer [Professional Advice Register – Disclaimer: http://www.bcs.org/server.php?show=conWebDoc.1564 ]:

    “Any person who relies upon any information provided by BCS about, or which is contained in, any of the BCS’s Registers from time to time does so entirely at their own risk.

    However, these processes and actions do not assess the suitability of a person in relation to the particular requirements of a prospective client. Anyone using the Register is therefore advised to make their own assessment of the individual’s suitability for the required tasks, and to take suitable references, before employing them.”

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