Clean Slate: A New Network Design

It has come to my attention that there is something great brewing. Everyone has heard the rumours surrounding ‘How the Internet was originally created’. Most will agree with the notion that the U.S. military funded the project and a couple of U.S. Universities set it up and it suddenly grew to what it is now and now and now … well ok, it is still growing. I am not mentioning any names as a simple Wiki [1] will suffice those interested.

This new project is called ‘Clean Slate’ [2, 3] and it involves a large amount of researchers, notably from Stanford University, that are developing a network architecture that would make the Internet work more efficiently in the next 15 years. The research areas are grouped as follows: network architecture, applications, physical layer technologies, security, economics, and policy.

I do not want to start any fires, but I do not see any European Universities (yes I have generalised it) partaking in the effort. I guess it will be 1970’s -1980’s all over again.

Internet 2020 (Internet 2 was taken and Internet 3 sounds like there is a predecessor) here we come, I hope I can still surf, and check my mail for free and with very few advertisements.

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  1. Smock says:

    “by focusing on a specific network that supports 100 Mbps of connectivity between all 100 Million American homes”

    Uh oh

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