Windows Vista Internet Activation Resolved

Only recently have I had a chance to install a proper version of Windows Vista Business Edition. Due to other activities I had to attend to I did not give Vista much attention. I did boot it up and retrieved some password hashes [1] and left it there for a while.

After rebooting back into Windows Vista and logging in I was greeted with an unexpected message. I had not activated my version of Windows Vista. Once of the main reasons is that I did not have a network connection.After installing Windows Vista you have a certain time period to activate your System. What happens if you forget to activate it? It locks down and provides a selection.

When selecting ‘Access your computer with reduced functionality’ an IE browser opens.

What happens when you have not even setup your internet connection? No way to activate it on the Internet then.

The solution: Hit the arrow bar in the address bar. You can not select the ‘Control Panel’ as the items have been block from being shown, although if you select to go to C:\ a new window is opened, the Explorer Window. It is then possible to browse the ‘Control Panel’ from the tree layout in the Folders section. From there select ‘Network and Sharing Centre’. Then select ‘Manage network connections’.

Enjoy setting up your network and activating Windows Vista.

PS.1: An easy way to get a command prompt open: Go to the Desktop and create a new text file. Type in the text file ‘cmd.exe’ and save it. Rename the file to ‘cmd.bat’. Run and enjoy a command prompt.

PS.2: Any mention that your Windows Vista is not genuine is caused simply because you have not activated them.

Link used:

[1] Objectif-Securite, (2007) ‘Ophcrack’ –

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