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The Email Etiquette no one told you about

Everyone has sent a hilarious email he/she has received to a friend or a list of friends. Not all of our friends like these types of emails/chain emails. We also refer to them as friendly spam chain emails. Since spam … Continue reading


Creating Security Aware Programmers and Programs

This is great []. SANS has introduced secure coding assessment and certification exams for programmers. Now let us see how Universities start including secure programming modules into their current Software Engineering courses. The SANS: Software Security Institute provides a wealth … Continue reading

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A computer forensics expert is on the case

It is really amazing when you hear that someone was able to deceive so many people on more than 700 police cases, passing him self as a forensic scientist with a BSc and PhD, when in reality he had no … Continue reading


Clean Slate: A New Network Design

It has come to my attention that there is something great brewing. Everyone has heard the rumours surrounding ‘How the Internet was originally created’. Most will agree with the notion that the U.S. military funded the project and a couple … Continue reading

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Windows Vista Internet Activation Resolved

Only recently have I had a chance to install a proper version of Windows Vista Business Edition. Due to other activities I had to attend to I did not give Vista much attention. I did boot it up and retrieved … Continue reading

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Reporting not blogging

It is often the case that I look at the blog and want to post the latest vulnerability found on one of the systems we use or look at here and there. Unfortunately for security reasons all we are allowed … Continue reading