Have Writing Difficulties?

When asked ‘What is your workday as a writer like?'[1], 2002 Nobel Prize Literature winner, Imre Kertész answered:

‘If you recorded the day in a life of a writer you would be disappointed. He makes coffee, he looks out the window, he does everything but write. But despite these everyday failures, something still comes out of it.’

A day in the life of a PhD Student is not far off from what Mr.  Kertész describes. I believe this is especially evident when writing a PhD dissertation (write up stage). 

All we need is to keep our hopes high and make sure our everyday distractions help writing that addition to our home encyclopedia (the dissertation) an enjoyable one.  

[1] – The question was published in the Time Magazine (19 Feb 2007) "10 Questions For Imre Kertész" by John Nadler, edition: Europe, Vol. 169, No. 6

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  1. Grigorios Fragkos says:

    So, I wonder..
    What is the moral outcome (value) of this article??

    And I answer:
    ..coffee in da Uni should be FREE mon!!

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