Fake Student Loans Company Emails in Circulation

It would seam that not only large banks are the targets of phishing e-mails/website. As it can be seen below, customers from the Student Loans Company have been targeted.

The announcement reads:

The Student Loans Company has become aware of an attempt to access customers’ personal details via a fraudulent website using the "studentfinancedirect" name.

People are receiving e-mails requesting their personal details, in which a replica of a "studentfinancedirect" page instructs them to enter information. The fraudulent email has been sent to students on their college email addresses (email addresses ending in .ac.uk)

Please do not respond to any e-mail asking you to confirm your personal student loan details. The Student Loans Company would never, under any circumstances, contact you by e-mail to request such information. If you have inadvertently responded to such email requests, please contact the usual SLC customer help line (0800 40 50 10) for guidance. If you have received an email, please forward it to sfd_webmaster@slc.co.uk.

The SLC are currently engaged in a major exercise to investigate fully what has taken place online and to tighten up the existing security.

If additional information emerges, it will be displayed on the HEI website [http://www.heinfo.slc.co.uk/].

Please be assured that the Student Loans Company are continuing to monitor the situation on a daily basis.

Announcement first published here – http://glamlife.glam.ac.uk/newsevents/898/slc-fraud-emails

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