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The ‘feel Goody’ effect: The real death of privacy is inside us

Now that the BB furore has calmed down, there’s a thing or two that came to my mind in retrospect. You’d say though, hardly are the societal effects of reality TV and d-list ‘celebrity’ media exposure an issue of information … Continue reading

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Fake Student Loans Company Emails in Circulation

It would seam that not only large banks are the targets of phishing e-mails/website. As it can be seen below, customers from the Student Loans Company have been targeted. The announcement reads: The Student Loans Company has become aware of … Continue reading

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News Articles

News mentions: 2007, ‘Law won’t help Darling’s data victims’ – news service, ‘Old hard drives are a goldmine for data thieves’ – The Guardian, ‘Lost hospital disk raises fears about protecting personal data’ –, … Continue reading

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