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Start Feeling Secure Checklist

Defining the word Security: "The state of being of feeling secure, by having the ability to avoid being harmed at an irrecoverable level, by any risk, danger or threat, when/for protecting a specific asset." (G.Fragkos, 2005)(where ‘secure’ is defined according … Continue reading


Dead disks yield live information

The Information Security Research Group at the University of Glamorgan forensically recovered personal and corporate information from disks bought off eBay, on account of BT and Life Cycle Services. An article titled ‘Dead disks yield live information’ has appeared in … Continue reading


Key-logging: An Old Story

This morning BBC News and The Register revealed an issue exposing an online security flaw related to online banking. Cardiff University researchers, under the supervision of Professor Antonia Jones, used hardware/software key-loggers to capture data that is supposed to lead … Continue reading

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Phishing with multiple victims

An inquisitive mind will always wonder what is going on in the background. Well today I was going through my spam folder and open the first Nationwide Phishing attempt in the pile, most recent too. After following the link … Continue reading

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Phishing Trojan Packet XORed

This morning I got an alert from Websense Security Labs (I am on their mailing list) about a Trojan that steals user information from specific webpages. This information is then passed through an XOR algorithm and sent to the attacker’s … Continue reading

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