Windows Live OneCare – Security package

Microsoft has introduced a new security package, Windows Live OneCare, which includes a firewall, anti-spyware, antivirus, performance tune-ups and data backups and restore.. Users have to pay to get this product (either at shops or download).

One thing came to mind when I read the BBC News report, what will security be like for Microsoft’s new Windows Vista? Will it be another extra tool, like this one, that will try to tidy up the missing security features of the Operating System?

Someone could argue that it is just Microsoft’s attempt to enter another market that other companies (e.g. Symantec, Trend Micro, McAfee etc.) had taken over.


Windows Live OneCare –

BBC News: Microsoft debuts security package –

After looking around Windows Live OneCare website I saw they had a 90 day trial and decided to download it. Unfortunately for me (security wise) I am using Mozilla Firefox and was presented with a nice Unsupported Web Browser message.

They sure take security and interoperability seriously when they don’t support Firefox and suggest I switch to Internet Explorer (I have found more security problems with Internet Explorer than with Firefox).

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  1. Mike Lloyd says:

    Why worry about Windows security when you can follow Sophos’s
    advice and use a Mac? See

  2. I agree that Apple Macs (OS X) inherently have less problems. This is due to their BSD based operating system. Although the proprietary stance Apple has does not stop malicious users to scrutinise them and find problems, not a lot of them have such systems and the market share is small still. Apple can only be better at this game if it publishes updates/patches to vulnerabilities in a timely manner, compared to Microsoft.

    From experience with an Apple’s OS X I can say that very few updates require restarts, compared to Microsoft’s updates that always need the system to be restarted and if lucky/unlucky the system will do at will. Comparing Secunia’s Vulnerability Report for Microsoft’s Windows XP Pro and Apple’s Macintosh OS X it can be seen that Windows XP Pro has 20% compared to 0% unpatched vulnerabilities by OS X. At the time of this comment OS X had almost half (68 advisories) of Windows XP Pro (121 advisories) advisories.

    I believe that it will not be long till every one will have an Intel based Macintosh and will be able to select between Microsoft’s Windows or Apple’s OS X Intel series.

    Microsoft’s Windows XP Pro Vulnerability Report by Secunia:

    Apple’s Macintosh OS X Vulnerability Report by Secunia:

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