The Web Hacking Incidents Database

When coming across a defaced webpage or hearing in the news that some corporation had its clients information leaked these sites ( and don’t come to mind. This is a small introduction to what information they provide.

The Web Hacking Incidents Database ( displays simple information about the time an ‘attack’ happened and relevant articles. It is quite small and hopefully will grow.

Zone-h displays a plythora of information, like the name of the attacker (e.g. individual, group, etc.), the operating system, it has a mirror of the site when it was defaced and more. It also includes a statistics webpage ( with some interesting facts. One would have to look at these facts carefully.

The reason for this is that usually what you tend to have is Hacker groups play out their hack and then post what they have done to these sites. What you then end up with is a Hall of Shame ( and which in turn is a race for which group reaches the top.

The main reason Zone-h has grown so well is that it was one of the best attempts after decided to call it quits.


The Web Hacking Incidents Database –

Zone-h –

ATTRITION Mirrored Sites –

ATTRITION Web Page Hack Mirror –

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