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Cyberthieves Silently Copy Your Passwords as You Type

"Two weeks ago, Brazilian federal police descended on the northern city of Campina Grande and several surrounding states, and arrested 55 people — at least 9 of them …” “.. The fraud ring stole about $4.7 million from 200 different accounts at six banks since it began operations last May, according to the Brazilian police. A similar ring, broken up by Russian authorities earlier this month, used keylogging software planted in e-mail messages and hidden in Web sites to draw over $1.1 million from personal bank accounts in France. "
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IronPython, integrating Python into .NET

Microsoft is going to integrate the Python programming language for the .NET platform, its codename IronPython.

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Identity Theft Demystified

"… "One of the big problems in trying to counter identity theft is the fact that the same term has been used to describe three very different types of crimes: taking over existing accounts, using one’s identity to open up new accounts, and criminal identity theft, where the stolen credentials, if presented to law enforcement, could result in a criminal record or arrest warrants," explains Michael Barrett, co-chair of the Identity Theft Prevention SIG …

…According to the SIG, "true name" identity theft occurs when someone fraudulently obtains personal information and uses it to open up a new credit card account, cell phone service, etc …"

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New virus can pass from PCs to mobile devices

"The virus can be a nuisance in a couple of ways. On a PC, it will copy itself into the registry repeatedly as the machine is rebooted, according to the text file sent with the virus. As the virus replicates, it can eventually hamper the machine’s performance, it said.
The virus waits for a connection through ActiveSync, the Microsoft Corp. program that synchronizes data on a PC with a mobile device. It copies itself to the device, and if the device is running the Windows CE or Mobile OS, all files are erased in the My Documents directory, the note said. The virus was written using C# code with Visual Studio .Net 2003. "

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How secure is open source?

"…Fred Schneider of the Department of Computer Science at Cornell University in New York writes: “There is no reason to believe that the many eyes inspecting [open] source code would be successful in identifying bugs that allow system security to be compromised.”…

…Richard Waid, technical director of IOPEN Technologies, agrees that OSS is a better way of building a secure system. “The only way, in my professional opinion, to build a truly secure system, is to allow third parties to attempt to break it.”…

…Being able to view the underlying software code can improve security, the information technology strategy and policy consultant at the University of Otago, Neil James, acknowledges. “The more people who spend time looking through the code, the better potential there is for finding holes.”… "

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