Security News – Botnets, Microsoft, Email mining, ID Theft, Hacker story, Domain Contamination

Zombie PCs growing quickly online
"Mr Judge said the count of new bots had hit 250,000 every day in November 2005 and had stayed at that level ever since."
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Security a Balancing Act for Microsoft
"…the company also is expected to charge businesses for an upcoming security product, Microsoft Client Protection, which will include antivirus, antispyware and other protections for corporate desktop PCs, laptops and computer servers."
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Proof of Concept: Unauthorized Matching of Public and Private Email Addresses
"So imagine how you’d feel if you signed up for a contest with your throwaway address, and suddenly started getting messages from the contest holder at your private address."
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Chinese hackers allegedly make a game of ID theft
"Names and national identity numbers of 2,000 South Koreans have been stolen by sneak thieves who used the information to play the popular online computer game Lineage for free."
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Invasion of the Computer Snatchers
An article (more like an interview) of a ‘Hacker’ who controls botnets for a living.
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Domain Contamination By Amit Klein
Beware of Domain Name Contamination. Once a webserver has been hijacked do not think that because you replaced the site with your back-up, everything is back to normal.
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8 Responses to Security News – Botnets, Microsoft, Email mining, ID Theft, Hacker story, Domain Contamination

  1. Rob says:

    250,000 bots? A war involving an advanced AI network?
    Can you say “Terminator”?

  2. arie says:

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  3. UK Web Hosting says:

    It turns out that most of these predictions were correct!

  4. preactita says:

    Virus authors are attempting to desert dust in someone’s eyes incautious and lovestruck internet users with malware that poses as Valentine’s Day-kin games and email greetings.

    The hacker develop is a presuming vade-mecum to annual holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day. McAfee reports that the Valentine’s Day spam links to URLs pushing the Waledac Trojan, a acrossburden of malware that has copied multifarious of its techniques and features from the execrableviagra tornado Trojan.

  5. Forexutext says:

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