Graphical Passwords

Passwords are the cause of many problems ever since computers required secure logons. The idea of images as a means of concealing and securing the way someone logs in will always interest people. How will it be implemented though. I came across an old project ( Rutgers University – The Rutgers Scholar ) that demonstrates how such an interface could be implemented. – read moretry out program

Personal Opinion:
It is a good demonstration, although I belive that with some statistical analysis of the objects surrounding the mouse – based on where the person clicks- most of the image password can be found.

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3 Responses to Graphical Passwords

  1. Robert Andrews says:

    There’s a similar thing available for my new smartphone, but I
    haven’t tried it yet (and my new smartphone is increasingly the
    bane of my life).

  2. Rob says:

    Just saw this page doing the rounds on today – “passclicks”:

  3. Kosta Xynos says:

    Wow the passclick site is really good. Not that the implementation is good, but the statistics it shows with where people tend to click.

    This shows that even such methods are prune to statistical code breaking. Just a few good guesses and with the 5 extra clicks you can increase your chance of finding someone’s passclick.

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